Jessy draws

welcome to my art dump, my outlet. enjoy.

The girl with the red shoes was obviously a distraction from the actual work - visual journal for uni which needs to be done by tomorrow.

Wobbly attempt at people-watching from the room.

Not sure if 5 seconds are a good idea for improvement, eh? But it does help some brain muscle/observational skills.


Figured characters would inevitably change appearance when practicing drawing, but a few details would stick.

I should do a wider range of features to differentiate between characters in general - can’t make all of ‘em pretty like this.

The same Wilbur.

Top two were from Dec ‘13.

Mostly smiling closed lips. Fineliner and red pencil make them look like pop art, which I totally dig.
Not sure if it’s upcoming Halloween or what, but I saw a lot of people wearing all in black on this sunny day and just had to draw this lil’ goth.
Slowly easing back into Photoshop with this mood sketch for “Tall”.

At the moment I’ll prefer to keep working with traditional media for the fundamentals of drawing, while learning the basics of digital art. Time to slow down and get serious i.e. won’t be posting as much as expected.
Photo Booth time! Quite a nice day out today, albeit chilly.

Went to the dockyard today to sketch a couple boats and this time tried to apply the rules of perspective here. My brain definitely wasn’t made for it, lol.

Will be starting over with basics eventually until I get the hang of these rules.

You know when you’ve had a character for a while and you have a habit of drawing him/her without realising it?
Well, here’s Loveday asking why I still can’t draw her consistently even on a whim. I guess that means more practice, so time to give her and the others a break once again. I should get out of my zone, try something new and take notes in the process.

Hand studies in various mediums.