Jessy draws

welcome to my art dump, my outlet. enjoy.

You know when you’ve had a character for a while and you have a habit of drawing him/her without realising it?
Well, here’s Loveday asking why I still can’t draw her consistently even on a whim. I guess that means more practice, so time to give her and the others a break once again. I should get out of my zone, try something new and take notes in the process.

Hand studies in various mediums.

Painting the background.

Had to get this off my head.
Still experimenting. Looking back, this is one of the few styles I like the most.
The dark-haired Timothy held up the black book that was sitting by the other boy’s lap. “By any chance you still have that red one?”
Wilbur appeared downcast, and Timothy’s dark eyes fell on a few burnt matches on the wooden floor. He shook his head with a smile. “Mate, that’s a real crime. T’was my favourite.”

Life-drawing to exercise the brain after a long holiday.

watercolorblackcatThank you! I’ve tried vegan cheese and loved it, it was like cheddar, vegan ice cream i still have to try it though. But to be honest i’m mostly worried about eggs. But i did find vegan recipes for fried eggs, and i hear you can do a hard-boiled egg with an avocado and something else… I love when people get so creative. Are you considering veganism too?

eggs are pretty tricky when it comes to substitution. you know how they go well with tomatoes? tofu, aubergines (eggplants), mushrooms, soya beans/mince, chick peas, lentils… they’re all versatile and rich in iron. i’m still lacto-ovo purely for health reasons, but i’d like to make it to vegan too one day and complete the philosophy.

here’s this great site that gives sound advice about the vegan diet and how it pertains to better physical and mental health. again, i wish you well! :)


A bit squashed but so pretty, like mineral.

The stain’s from working with black paint for a school project. I’ll post a pic of it once it gets done tomorrow.
Inspired by my speech therapist’s drawings she would use to teach.